Founded in 2016, CPNT Cyprus LLC  is Cyprus innovative engineering company.

CPNT Cyprus is involved in remote exploration of the earth to search for and delineate oil and gas fields, kimberlitic pipes lying at different depths, flaw detection of engineering facilities, as well as non-destructive control of engineering structures.

Other lines of our business are engineering of optical and electronic tools and monitoring of engineering facilities for identification of technological defects and anomalies.

The head office of the Center is located in Paralimni and consolidates the efforts of many  research institutes and associations in order to obtain unique results, using a multi-faceted comprehensive approach to remote exploration and data interpretation.

Pioneering approaches for solving business problems put the company on a par with the world’s largest manufacturers of hi-tech devices and services. The results of analysis performed by CPNT Cyprus enable companies to cut costs of geophysical surveys up to 5-10 times, and also to choose a rational strategy of developing licensed areas and concessions for extracting mineral resources.