The technology of power transmission lines diagnostics by remote sensing was developed by JSC «CST» to determine:

  • planned geodesic coordinates of the supports
  • span lengths;
  • angles of the line rotation
  • temperature anomalies (insulators, cables and other objects);
  • mechanical damage;
  • determination of the geometry of the underlying power line surface (forest cover, other vegetation);
  • analysis of the intersection with utilities (roads, pipelines, etc.) in order to determine and analyze the current state.


For the work of JSC «CST», a high-performance complex of aircraft-based equipment “Veyer” was developed. The scanner_is designed to obtain an image of the underlying surface in the infrared part of the spectrum. Scanning takes place from an AN-72 aircraft from a height of 3000 meters.

Technical parameters of “Veyer” infrared scanner


Parameter Value
Количество спектральных каналов 1
Spectral band, μm 8-14 
Spatial resolution from 3000 m altitude, m 0.6 х 0.8
FOV from 3000 m, km 2.4
NEDT at 300 К, К 0.15
Dimentions, mm 460х570х350
Weight, kg 40
DC voltage, V 27
Power consumption, W 640
Quantization bit rate 12
Operation mode Continuous imaging with data recording up to 6 hours
Cooling Styrling cycle cooler

Infrared scanner “Veyer” appearance , upper casing dismantled

Transmission line monitoring example

Long-stretch engineering utilities identification example

GIS ``Digitizer`` output example

Transmission lines diagnostics technology and airborn scanner software components are protected by patents.

Patent №2258204

“Method of remote inspection of electric circuits by means of thermal video camera”

Computer software №2010612300

“Veyer viewer”

Certificate of state registration of computer programs:

Computer software №2010612301


Certificate of state registration of computer programs: